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The A-Levels is the most excruciating time when students hope and strive to do their best for the examinations to enter university. The overwhelming Economics syllabus may be demanding to many. However, our students are well-equipped with the requisite skills to excel in their Economics examinations. Our JC Economics tuition in Singapore (i.e. the Intensive Revision Programme) is specially designed for JC 1 and JC2 students preparing for the examination. We provide comprehensive revision notes which not only cover the syllabus but highlights case study skills to tackle higher response questions, application of strategies to past years’ examinations questions. On top of this, Anthony will highlight common mistakes made by students and further sharpen the students’ analytical skills.

Real world application of Economics concepts, with special focus on the Singapore Economy.slide04_1


Examination techniques and proven tips for students to score ‘A’ in their ‘A’ level Economics examination.


Available for ‘after tuition hours’ consultation via WhatsApp and SMS. Free marking of additional essays written by students.


Database of A-level Economics resources to aid in students’ learning.